About All-Points Technology Corporation, P.C.

All-Points Technology Corporation, P.C. (“APT”) was founded in 2000 on the premise that personal service offered by experienced professionals who are committed to project success would provide our clients with practical solutions to their specific needs. By putting this principle into daily practice over the past decade, we have established lasting client relationships that allow us to fully understand their business philosophies and development challenges, which results in better client service through old-fashioned problem solving.

APT provides economical, quality engineering, environmental, siting/permitting and construction monitoring services to the telecommunication and utility industries and other private and public clients, including architects, developers, corporations, municipalities, contractors and engineers throughout the northeast. We specialize in civil and structural engineering and environmental siting and permitting services from project inception through construction and operation. Our engineers and scientists have extensive experience in project planning, design engineering, regulatory permitting, construction services, and post-construction monitoring - giving us the ability to provide timely and cost-effective solutions.

APT staff has diverse consulting experience that is reflected in permitible and constructible designs that are praised by clients, contractors and regulators alike. In addition to our collective know-how and experience, many of us have either previously been "the client" or local regulatory commission members. We understand the importance of delivering decisive and practical solutions that are sensitive to - and in-step with - client vision, schedule, and budget, as well as review agency requirements and expectations.

APT services include: