Environmental Permitting and Construction Due Diligence

Conducting the appropriate level of due diligence is a critical component of projects where potential risks are a concern – meaning nearly any property transaction, development or real estate management scenario. APT offers due diligence services ranging from pre-acquisition environmental site assessments and constraints/opportunities analyses to feasibility studies. Our goal is to obtain a thorough understanding of a project’s potential for success by identifying the physical and regulatory limitations early in the development stage. This allows our clients to make informed decisions in a timely and efficient manner.

APT Clients appreciate our abilities to help minimize risks and protect them from potential liability by:

  • Confirming that things are actually what they appear to be;
  • Identifying possible "deal killers" and avoiding bad transactions;
  • Obtaining critical information to assist in evaluating environmental, zoning, and constructability issues associated with the project; and
  • Verifying that a transaction is consistent with their acquisition/development criteria.

Due diligence services include:

  • Pre-acquisition property feasibility studies
  • Physical constraints analyses
  • Constructability analyses
  • Zoning compliance evaluations
  • Environmental Site Assessments
  • CTDEEP Property Transfer Program support
  • LEP services