Site Planning and Civil Design

APT provides expert site engineers who have the answers to tough siting issues. APT has performed over 100 Constructability Assessments for siting raw land communication towers/support structures in New York and Connecticut. Members of the APT team have also provided similar services on over 100 linear miles of electrical transmission corridor and several substations in southern New England. Our experience in providing in-field evaluations of clearing/harvesting areas, preliminary grading, stormwater runoff and de/retention, retaining wall necessity, access and distribution service routing, development of staging and stockpiling areas, and identification/protection of potentially sensitive environmental areas/receptors has proven to be invaluable to our client’s cost and feasibility assessments. APT reviews local zoning ordinances and prepares site-specific desk-top environmental sensitivity overlays to obtain an understanding of regulatory requirements and potential environmental constraints prior to conducting our field evaluations of a given area and apply this knowledge during site walks and field consultations with our clients. Due diligence conducted in the early stages of the site development process provides clear direction and prioritization of tasks, resulting in project time and cost efficiencies. APT understands the meanings of both the terms “permitable” and “buildable” and applies a common-sense approach to our designs. We make constructing projects in complex environments not only possible, but successful.

APT has a computer design and drafting support team that is responsible for the design, configuration, and operation of our information systems and AutoCAD standards.

APT also has the ability to tap into an in-state network of structural and MEP engineers, hydrologists, and surveyors to prepare cost effective site civil designs that balance the spatial needs of the project, financial limitations of the overall development, and the site-specific regulatory compliance criteria for the project limits. APT is ready to put its strength and know-how behind your project(s)!