Wetlands and Natural Resources Management

APT’s wetlands capabilities include: identification and delineation of wetland resource areas in conformance with state regulatory requirements and the regional federal methodology developed by the New England Division Army Corps of Engineers (“ACOE”); vernal pool studies; function and value assessment; mitigation design; and, construction and post-construction monitoring.

The APT team is also experienced in qualitative and quantitative wildlife and rare species studies, employing the field methods and documentation required by state and federal regulatory and resource agencies for permit application processing and rare species studies. Assessment capabilities include: flora and faunal species inventories; avian surveys; wildlife population studies; rare and endangered species surveys; quantitative wildlife habitat identification, classification and mapping utilizing remote sensing techniques; qualitative habitat evaluations using HEP, time-constraint analyses, and other agency-approved methods; monitoring and design of animal passage facilities; habitat management and restoration plans; vernal pool studies, and nuisance/invasive species control plans.