Structural Engineering

Decisive and practical site solutions sensitive to, and in step with, client schedule, budget and delivery needs

Experience, expertise, accuracy, and attention to detail – that’s what our clients have come to expect from APT.  APT brings extensive experience in tower and building structural analysis to its clients’ projects.

Our Professional Structural Engineers are intimately involved with projects from inception to construction completion. We are committed to ensuring the integrity of all new structures or modifications, and recognize the importance of comprehensive documentation.

APT has extensive experience in designing roof-top equipment framing and analyzing building capacities to determine structural feasibility.  APT provides in-field non-intrusive and intrusive investigations in concert with field as-built measurements to evaluate structures of all kinds where original building plans are not available. Our tower analyses detail tower and foundation capacities and provide general recommendations if reinforcement is required.

Structural Engineering services include:

  • Tower capacity analysis, including foundations
  • Structural analysis for collocation of new antennas on existing structures
  • Reinforcement design for overstressed towers and foundations
  • Tower extension designs
  • Structural design and analysis for rooftop facilities/installations and modifications
  • In-field investigations (intrusive and non-intrusive)
  • Special inspection services/construction monitoring
  • Third-party review of tower and foundation designs
  • Hearing support and expert testimony

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“APT is a leader in the siting, permitting and environmental consulting fields.  Their exemplary commitment to excellence and service is unmatched.”